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As a woman wanting to look her best, it is difficult to emphasize just how crucial it is to choose the best full coverage foundation out there. But due to the sheer number of brands on the market all claiming to be the best full coverage foundations, it can be rather confusing and overwhelming to narrow down your choice. Where do you begin? More importantly, what exactly should you consider and be on the lookout for when it comes to the best full coverage foundation? What are the pros and cons of choosing one type of foundation over another? These are the questions that this article aims to answer. Without further ado, let us begin:

Top 5 Full Coverage Foundation Reviews

Max Factor Pan Stik Foundation

best full coverage foundation_max factor pan stick foundationIt can be hard enough to create the best look from a foundation and it can be even harder to keep that preliminary appearance fresh and perfect all day long. With the day-to-day trials and tribulations your face undergoes, meeting the guarantee of a flawless and fresh appearance, all day, up until now, has actually been technically tough. Now, with development in technology from Max Element there is a new solution – Flawless Perfection Make-Up.

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Perfect Excellence presents an innovative brand-new strategy to foundation – an unique patented two-step system including different skin perfecting and colour surface formulas made to interact to deliver a newly applied, perfect look which lasts throughout the day.


Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation

best full coverage foundation_Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion FoundationMax Factor’s Wonder Touch Fluid Impression foundation will change the way foundation is applied. With an unique light-weight strong to liquid formula it removes the need for the conventional concealer, foundation and powder mix and rather creates the ideal base in simply one easy application. The outcome is a flawless, fresh and exceptionally smooth complexion that glows with brilliance.

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An innovative light-weight foundation that’s simple to apply yet provides complete coverage, eliminating all the complicated layering. Wonder Touch likewise carries out as a concealer when it’s applied to dark circles and flaws; in the areas that require it with the edge of the sponge.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

best full coverage foundation_rimmel wake me up foundationRimmel Wake me up foundation is a very first fluid foundation that instantaneously reawakens skin with a healthy, radiant-glow. The light moisturising texture applies smoothly and leaves skin sensation soft and comfortable all the time. Provides an instant flawless, natural-looking surface. Visible anti-fatigue effect with peptides and a vitamin moisturising complex. Offered in soft beige shade.

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Awaken & Glow. Anti-age result fluid foundation that immediately reawakens skin with a healthy, glowing radiance. Light, moisturising structure applies smoothly and leaves skin feeling soft and comfy all day. Skin appears flawless with a natural-looking surface. Visible anti-fatigue result with peptides and a Vitamin Rich Formula.


Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation

best full coverage foundation_bourjois 10 hour sleep effect foundationBourjois rescues you from dull, worn out looking skin! The 10 hour sleep effect foundation hides all indications of tiredness. Its formula is enriched with a high concentration of vitamin derivatives F, E, B5 and minerals.

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It feels light on the skin and is oil-free. Dark circles are hidden and any blemishes or flaws are concealed leaving you with an even, rested skin and will keep your skin feeling and look fresh and revitalised. Its bottle pump provides the ideal dosage of formula for a perfectly rested skin tone that lasts for 10 hours long!


Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation

Edit best full coverage foundation_max factor colour adaptYour skin isn’t really the exact same colour all over so why utilize a full coverage foundation does just that? The Colour Adapt foundation flatters and works with every shade of your face to produce the most natural looking base ever. The trick? Brilliant colour adjusting fragments select up and mirror the different pigments in your skin to provide an entirely sheer look without masking your skin’s real brilliance.

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Max Element is an extremely ingenious Brand in the cosmetic market and this is proven by the number of patents it holds and the worldwide success of the Brand name. Max Aspect products consist of ingenious technologies that are proven to provide dramatic appearance changes. Max Aspect does not produce products for Merchant Brands and Private Labels.


What Should I Consider When Selecting the Best Foundation For Me?

First off, you need to understand that the quest for finding the best full coverage foundation will not be without its challenges. Foundation as a cosmetic in itself is tricky to use. If you apply too much, you risk looking like a clown. On the other hand, not applying it sufficiently can leave you looking unpolished. And then there is the rub.
So how do you choose the best full coverage foundation? Does the best full coverage foundation come in liquid form, a stick, cream, or powder?
To put it simply, the answer to this question is contingent on your skin type. If your skin is on the dry side, you will need to find the best full coverage foundation for dry skin. This means that your foundation will be in the form of liquid, stick or hydrating cream. Both liquid and stick foundation are suitable in their constancy for keeping dry skin moisturised. This holds true for hydrating cream foundation as well.

On the other hand, if your skin tends to get a little greasy, your goal is to find the best full coverage foundation for oily skin. Keep away from stick foundations and go for powder or oil-free liquid foundation instead. These types of foundation are the best full coverage foundation for oily skin as they will help in absorbing oil leaving you with a finish that is smooth and matte. Ask the salesperson about mineral makeup. If you are prone to acne, the best full coverage foundation for you is one that contains salicylic acid.
If your skin is a combination of dry and oily, what is then the best full coverage foundation for you? In this case, a power foundation would be the best full coverage foundation as you will be able to easily apply the powder to absorb oil only where you need it to without any unbecoming lines leaving their mark.

All in all, you can also experiment with different types of foundation to discover which one is the best full coverage foundation for your skin. Just keep in mind that a great foundation will blend into your skin and enhance it rather than hide your features behind a glob of makeup. You also need to make sure that you are using the foundation properly by ensuring that it is not settling into your fine lines or highlighting the pores on your face. Otherwise, this defeats the purpose of choosing the best full coverage foundation. It should also be able to flawlessly and effortlessly cover any redness or uneven skin tones on your face.

When choosing the best full coverage foundation, keep in mind that there are either yellow based or pink based shades to choose from. Your colour base depends on your skin’s undertone. If you’re more warm-toned, go for a yellow based shade. If you’re more cool-toned, go for a pink based shade. If you’re right in the middle, there are also neutral shades available for you.
In summation, ultimately what is more important than anything is that the best full coverage foundation you go with feels and looks right to you.

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